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1. 543210cpp - October 10, 2006

hello brave pirate and welcome abaord!my club penguin name is war starter and i be making me own army called cpp, club penguin pirates

2. ala surcuda - February 4, 2007

navy gona kill us

3. ala surcuda - February 4, 2007


4. ala surcuda - February 4, 2007

i will join this here army

5. ala surcuda - February 4, 2007

i have a bandanna and just to let you know. i’m a really good at makeing plans and well im good at strategy

6. ala surcuda - February 4, 2007

almost like a commander or lutenit.plz let me have one of those positions.if i fail at one ill be a regular pirate.

7. monkerwow - February 16, 2007

can i join the cpp il be any positions and my penguin name is monkerwow


i really want the scarf-dont ask why! its top secret. anyways how do i get it????????????????

9. Pale101256 - February 12, 2008

Arrr me be a pirate to

10. Zorbeaon - July 21, 2008

Why don’t the Pirates come back for revenge.What happened over a year ago has ended but a new allience may start a huge CP empire!

11. 543210cpp - July 21, 2008

I kind of outgrew cp and moved on to other things.

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